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How to take plexus products!


 Tips on starting your plexus

Note: Plexus Slim, commonly known as the pink drink, was initially developed as a product to help Type 2 Diabetics regulate their blood sugars. It was soon determined that Plexus Slim had an interesting side effect: weight loss!

#1 Take your pink drink every day! In the morning mix it with room temp water and you can pour over ice to chill if you prefer. Drink your Plexus with breakfast and take one accelerator.

#2 Some people prefer to drink their drink later in the day. (If you have evening cravings this may be a good idea) I drink mine with breakfast.

#3 If you are not getting any results, you could be suffering from Candida. To check this, first thing in the morning spit into a glass of water. If your spit remains floating in a nice, cohesive "blob", you're pretty much Candida free. However, if after a few minutes, your spit begins to develop long strand-like tendrils that dissolve down into the ware, or if your spit spreads out over the surface of the water, you probably have a Candida condition. The ProBio5 can help with this! (Personally my children n I take the Pro Bio5 everyday and will the rest of our lives) Pro bio 5 aids in your bodys digestion. Attached is more info on the candida spit test along with symptoms you may experience as this fungus dies off. (If you ordered probio and cleanse, after 3 days on plexus and accelerator start your probio at night 2 before bed) With all the prescriptions you have had to take this will help cleanse your body of candida yeast.

#4 Do not be disappointed if you do not lose 20 pounds in two weeks. These results do exist. But you can expect to lose 2 to 3 pounds per week without changing you diet or exercising. Although a change of diet and exercising would greatly improve weight loss results, also including the accelerator will give you a jump start! You will take your accelerator with your drink. Try one accelerator for a few days and if all goes good take 2. NOTE: Make sure you measure before you start. Lots loose inches first! (turns fat into muscle)

#5 I Didn't Like the Way the Accelerator Made Me Feel the First Day

Please do not give up based on your first day. Many people have reported feeling a bit "weird" or "wired" the first day. But, I promise, this feeling does go away after the first day, in most cases anyway! I now feel very energetic and accomplished everyday when I get home! You owe it to yourself to try this for at least 3 days before you decide against it.

#6 Take Breaks if Needed

Some have found that after they took the accelerator 2 weeks straight, even on the weekends they kind of hit a plateau. So the third week tried taking it Monday through Thursday and took Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off. Of course they still used self control and did not eat my heart out. When they started taking again the following week they began to see results again! Amazing!

#7 Drink Water!!!! Take half your body weight and drink that many ounces of water a day! This is crucial!! Also eating high protein and fiber is great in assisting this product. If you need help with a list of foods please contact me. An apple a day is great fiber and detox. Also Plexus offers a delicious protien shake that is diabetic friendly. You definitely dont have to replace a meal with Plexus but for you that desire a protein shake as a meal replacement this is great! Just add some frozen fruit and almond milk:) 

#8 Why do you need Plexus Bio-Cleanse?

Many people are in a low oxygen/toxic state. This is caused by poor diet, stress, low activity levels, polluted air and shallow breathing. The body cannot keep up its metabolism in this state, and begins to gather waste products more rapidly than it can eliminate them. Viruses, bacteria, fungi and other pathogenic microbes thrive in this condition, and can lead to diseases such as flu, Candida, chronic fatigue, etc. Plexus Bio-Cleanse can increase the oxygen levels around these microbes, causing them to die due to their high-oxygen. Note: Cancer can not grow in a well oxengenated body!! 

Plexus Bio-Cleanse oxygenates and energizes your body while detoxifying and cleansing wastes, pathogens and plaque in the gastrointestinal tract, colon, arteries, blood, etc. (once again this is a product I will continue to remain healthy) This will wash out what the probio has killed. Take two with your two probio at night working up to 4 cleanse. Every body is so different so you have to see what works for you. Such as my may want to split cleanse up in the morning 3 and 3 or 2 and 2 or take 3 or 4 at night. I have heard some take 2 with breakfast, 2 with lunch and 2 with supper.

#9 if you have chronic pain you may want to try the fast relief that contains lyprinol. It seems to give symptomatic relief from osteoarthritis
decrease airway inflammation, as in asthma
may provide relief from inflammatory bowel disease
Since the main ingredient is derived from shellfish be cautious if you have a shellfish allergy even though the chance of it happening is low. Follow directions on the bottle.

Fast relief cream is for fast, temporary relief of pain and helps the body to eliminate pain quickly, safely and effectively. Simply rub the cream on the area giving you pain and within minutes you will have the temporary relief that you want. My son was in a horse accident recently and we use the fast relief capsules and cream. This aided in his relief and recovery and we were not worried with the side effects of Tylenol or ibuprofen. 
****Check out the new product Fast Relief Nerve Repair! This product will help repair damaged nerves!

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